What Updates Should You Make?

November 30, 2023

What home improvements get the best return?


Whether moving in the near future or just thinking about a future move you might be curious
about what you can do to your current house that will increase its usefulness and beauty as well
as return the most money back to you upon its sale. There are so many places both inside and
out of your home that investing sweat equity and money will pay off big when ti comes time to sell.
This list of improvements is not all inclusive but will give you a good idea of where to invest your time and money before selling your house!
1) Deep Cleaning provides a return of 3,650% (WOW!)
2) Basic Yard Care provides a return of 539% (Sweat Equity is King!) 3) Refinishing Old or Worn Wood floors provides a return of 137% 4) Improving Energy Efficiency provides a return of 99%
5) Closet Renovation provides a return of 83%
6) Updating the Exterior provides a return of 152%
7) Replacing the Roof provides a return of 100%
8) Replacing Garage Door provides a return of 100%
9) Installing Vinel Siding provides a return of 82%
10) Installing Vinyl Windows provides a return of 67%
11) Major Kitchen Renovation provides a return of 75%
12) Storm Shelter/Safe Room - This is a great selling point as Oklahoma si known for having catastrophic tornadoes and large hail.
13) Generator-Adding a generator is a wonderful idea. Not only will it get you through many bad weather situations but buvers love it!
While some of these categories are pricey the return can be worth your time and investment. If you are planning on long term home ownership this list will give you some helpful ideas of what areas are most likely to provide the best return as well as help to add curb appeal and shorten the selling time of your beautiful home.