What's the Difference?

April 04, 2023

The United Country Difference

     What Sets a REALTOR Apart?

As I sit in day 3 of my week long training session in Kansas City, my
rear hurts, my eyes hurt, but  mostly, my brain HURTS!
After the complaining ends, I remember I am doing this to help my
clients, my buyers and my sellers.
United Country, I may be a tad partial, but I think that we go above
and beyond to do MORE.
In this training, we learned a truck load about how to market better
for our sellers.  How to make their homes/properties stand out above
the rest.
SEO's are a huge factor (I was like SE who?) I thought I was just
going to sell houses when I decided to become a realtor, boy howdy was
that wrong, by a mile.
Did you know that the average home in Elk City, OK is on the market
109  days in 2021.  That is compared to  143 days in 2019.
Did you know the average home price in Elk City is $146,525

As I finish up my first full year as a realtor, I have completed like
1 million hours of training, well  not quite that many, but it did
feel that way. I have learned rules and regulations about contracts
and lending, how to calculate paint gallons needed to paint a 24x13
wall, but most of all I have learned that people are asking you to
help them with their future.  Their future that includes a pretty big
purchase of a home.  A home that they are going to build their family
in, retire with their true love, or just use as a stepping stone in
their bigger plan.  They have entrusted me to guide them through the
process, I haven't always hit a home run, but I  have always tried as
hard as I could.  I went to the trainings and conferences to help
make the whole process easier for them.

What sets a United Country Realtor apart? It's all the "extra".  Extra
training that we do, above the state's required training, the extra
money spent for marketing, the extra Facebook posts to get your
property noticed, the extra time to help the new buyers understand the
process, the extra time to come to closings, the extra thank you's
sent to you as their customers, and the extra people, not just in our
local office that stands behind you, but the extra staff in the
country that stand behind the agent, buyers and sellers, which is
truly unique in this day and time.
Proven Process. Strong Support. Winning Results.