What's In A Front Door?

July 05, 2021

The curb appeal of your home is what gets a buyer hooked.


What does your front door say about you and your house?
What could it say?
In the real estate industry, any one will tell you, most buyers buy
homes that they can see themselves actually living in.  So why not
"invite" them to love your home when you list it on the market?
Front doors that "pop" will gain attention in a positive and
intriguing way for potential buyers.

Let's break this down, get into the nitty gritty of listing your home
in todays market.
We all know less is sometimes more, but lets go one step farther and
cover what the front door/porch of your home says...
Picture this, you have a young cute couple that have a pre approved
letter in hand with a huge budget (this is my fantasy, go with it!)
anyway, you take them to the first listing and the front porch has a
maroon couch from 1972 sitting there.  Oh, wait, we aren't done, last
night's trash bag is there too (it smells fabulous).  Door is white
and the entire Apple Dumplin Gang has left their dirty handprints on
Now, how do we see this working out?  Can the future buyers over look
this? Do they have the imagination to look past it?  Some do, some do

The next house has a smaller porch and they actually left the couch in
the house (you know where they actually belong) and they have a few
small pots of plants, the front door is painted a light shade of blue
with a wreath with small yellow flowers.  First comment from the
Future Owner is "OMG I love that door"

The front door sets the tone, not just if you are buying or selling,
but also for the entire neighborhood.  Your front porch is the
showpiece of your home.