Real Life Real Estate

January 12, 2024

Real Estate- It's not what you think!

Sometimes it’s hard to talk about the not so glamorous parts of Real Estate. The perception of the industry versus reality.
Did you know that agents and brokers don’t make an hourly wage?
Did you know we don’t have a lot of company benefits like a 9-5 would?
Did you know in most cases each agent is a 1099 contractor, but managed by a Broker?
Did you know that when an agent drives 1,000 miles to show homes then that buyer changes their mind; that agent makes nothing.
Did you know that agents often work nights and weekends and are on call basically 24/7.
Did you know that when we list a property, we pay for marketing and do everything we can to get the property sold. . . That’s how we recoup that investment.
We completely understand. . . People don’t know what they don’t know.
I think that’s what pushed me to share such honest and open facts about what we do. Educate as many people as possible about the Real Estate market, etiquette, and the true value of an agent. We spend hours going over Real Estate law, learning loan facts, being familiar with markets, knowing the best way to write offers, marketing, doing continuing education, etc. . . We do all of this so we can be the best at advising, educating, and supporting our clients.
As agents we chat about it a lot. We work hours and hours searching properties for a customer, run comps, write offers, show many many times, and then. . . We find out. . . That buyer called another agent off of a sign and went under contract. It’s more than heart breaking for us as agents. It’s like a 9-5 person saying. . . I worked all week and my boss decided to pay someone else.
Every profession is important. I’m grateful that there are professionals that help me when I need it; lawyer, doctor, dentist, optometrist, CPA, radiologist, teacher. These are all professionals I relied on just this week. I appreciate them. I supported their business. I paid them for their time and experience and expertise.
All of this harsh honesty to say. . . We truly love helping people with one of the largest investments of their life’s. We love what we do.
We love the challenges.
We love the opportunities.
We love our clients.
We love our communities.
We love our team.
We also love support. . . When we find out a friend, family member, client, or even acquaintance has spoken kindly of our hard work, recommended us, wrote us a Google review, or shared and commented on our social media. . . We can’t thank them enough. That is so appreciated.