Real Estate Never Stops

November 28, 2023

A Day in the Life of a REALTOR

Real Estate Never Stops


A while back my washing machine broke and flooded the utility room and the room below it. Being a parent of two young kids, I sent them off to a friend’s house so that I could deal with the situation without playing 21 questions. About an hour later I got a call that my daughter had gotten hurt on their swing set and possibly had a broken arm. On the way to the hospital, I got news that a contract on one of my listings was falling through, real estate never stops. 


A few days later my grandparents were looking to list their home and purchase one that would accommodate their age better. Not too long after we started looking, my fiancé's mom passed away and we put that search on pause. After her funeral another one of my listings went under contract, two days later the grandma that I was trying to help look for a new house also passed away. But I still had a contract to get settled. Real estate never stops.


When we gave ourselves less than two months to plan this wedding after we got engaged, we could have never imagined all the things that would happen in such a short amount of time. But I feel like my time in real estate did help with my ability to juggle so many things going on at once. I would hope that my agent would still be able to take care of my most important purchases or sales, no matter what they were going through. Despite all the heartache I hope that I grew as an agent. I hope that I become even better at managing and juggling my personal life, so that my clients can benefit from the experience I’ve gained in juggling so many things.


About a week ago I volunteered to write this week’s blog and I’m writing it this morning, Friday October 13th, the day of my wedding. Real estate never stops. I’m a western Oklahoma Realtor and I handle my business with western Oklahoma pride!


Off to go get married now,

Karen Ingram, Realtor, United Country Exploration Realty