April 04, 2023

The importance of a backyard

Bringing BACK the BACK yard
I don't know about you, but summer time just seems to make me want to
hang out longer in my backyard.
I love to have my morning coffee in the backyard, just sitting and
preparing myself for the day.
Then I like to unwind with an "adult" beverage in the evening in my same spot.
The backyards, when talking shop with realtors, sometimes takes a back
seat, but not with me, next to the front door, it's "my thing".
Can you see your child's birthday party in that backyard?
Can you see morning coffee there?
Can you see what you want to do? Want to change?
Does it feel homey to you?  Does the backyard make you just wanna call
this place home and stay awhile?

So how do you make your backyard scream "take me!" when you are listing?

Well the #1 thing, it's simple really is ... if you have dogs, clean
up their POO!  Ain't nobody got time for that!  Who wants to be
showing your house and the couple step in Fido's massive pile of poop!
The mood is kinda ruined from there.
#2- Less is more.  Clean it up, don't leave all 12 of your broke down
mowers out.
Or last nights trash.  Or tree branches from  the'18 ice storm.

Did you know the average size of a backyard in Oklahoma is 10,451
square feet. ( Yes, your day is  better with that little tidbit of info!) 
Be glad we don't live in California, they only have like 5,575 square feet!
Some people live and breathe for their lawn care, and some hire it to be
maintained professionally. 
I had 3 "professionals" that called me mom for lawn care!