Love Where You Live

April 04, 2023

People are fleeing the big city and moving to rural America

Why in the world are people moving to Elk CityOklahoma?

With this market is crazier then even seasoned agents have ever seen, a common question we here in Western Oklahoma have been asked, "why are people moving to Elk City?" Property taxes? Home values?  Sure those things are crucial, but it has to be something else, but what?

Many of us who are "from" Elk City,  forget just how beautiful ourtown is!  Not only do we get to boast about being on historic Rt 66 and our FABULOUS Rt 66 museum, we also offer a 4A school with the overall needs of all students highly met above and beyond. There are also several smaller schools that serve our area as well as a private Christian School.  School systems are the most important factor to  80% of buyers in todays market. Families want to know that the town they are investing their hard earned dollars in, are in turn investing in our future leaders by working hard to make the schools great.

Elk City offers a one of a kind public park with a swimming pool and the new Splash Pad, bringing people from all over the state to enjoy a fun day in the sun.  Ackley Park is fun a full 365 days a year with the pool, playground, carousel, train, and in my opinion, the best Christmas light display around! Don't forget about the basketball court (dedicated by the OKC Thunder) tennis courts
and the new skate park.  And while not everyone participates in the park activities mentioned, many just love to sit on a park bench and enjoy their lunch with the ducks floating in the pond.

Restaurants- Rather you are hungry for American, Mexican, Italian, or Chinese food, Elk City has a selection for you. We can't go without mentioning the FAMOUS catfish of  Simons Catch. Most staff of these establishments are local folks that will let you pull up a chair and share so many interesting facts and fun ideas with you while you enjoy their great food.

5 Plex softball and baseball complex with turf fields! Teams will flood into our AMAZING complex each weekend and most days during the week.  We here at UC Exploration feel our Softball/Baseball complexes are second to none.

Motorcycle riding, mountain biking, fishing, camping, golfrodeothese are just a few of the things we offer, that we enjoy daily at our leisure and make others from out of town, really stop and take a look at our place.

But, the biggest factor, we feel, that people are moving from all over the United States, to our little slice of heaven here in good 
'ol Elk City, Oklahoma...

The people.  Let's say that again, the people.
Our town offers people with good hearts to help a neighbor in need, to encourage our kids to be the best they can be, friendly folks that wave "Howdy" and genuinely care about you and your family's well being.
Elk City offers many things, and other towns may compete with those things, but I don't think you can beat our Elkcitians.