Czech Festival Yukon, OK

October 06, 2023

A community favorite in Yukon, Oklahoma.

This year we have opened a brand new office in Yukon, Oklahoma!  We are so excited to be a part of this great city!  We have quickly learned how inviting and friendly of a town Yukon truly is!  Even though it has grown significantly it still maintains some of that small town feel and attitude.  

We are have boots on the ground and we are getting involved in this community and we are super excited to be part of the Czech Festival this year!  Here is a little about the festival in case you are not familiar! 

The Yukon, Oklahoma Czech Festival, began in 1966 as a way for the local Czech-American community to showcase their rich heritage. It has since grown into one of the largest Czech festivals in the U.S., honoring the Czech settlers who arrived in Oklahoma in the late 1800s.

Highlights of the Czech Festival

  1. 1.  Parade: The festival starts with a lively parade featuring beautifully decorated floats, traditional Czech costumes, and live music to set the festive mood.

    2.  Polka Music and Dance: Enjoy lively polka performances and join in on the dancing, immersing yourself in the atmosphere.

    3.  Traditional Czech Food: Indulge in Czech cuisine, from sweet kolaches to savory klobasniky and hearty goulash.

    4.  Folk Art and Crafts: Explore a marketplace offering Czech-inspired crafts, jewelry, and artwork, perfect for unique souvenirs.

    5.  Cultural Exhibits: Learn about Czech history, traditions, and the immigrant experience in Oklahoma through educational exhibits.

    6.  Miss Czech-Slovak USA Pageant: Witness the Miss Czech-Slovak USA Pageant, where young women of Czech and Slovak descent compete for the title.

The Yukon, Oklahoma Czech Festival is a cultural gem that bridges two worlds, celebrating Czech heritage and the enduring spirit of the Czech-American community. Whether you have Czech roots or simply appreciate diverse cultures, this festival offers a wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in Czech traditions, food, and music.

As you enjoy the smell of freshly baked kolaches and tap your feet to lively polka music, you'll come to appreciate the festival's significance as a cultural mosaic in the heart of the United States. Mark your calendar and join us in Yukon, Oklahoma, for an unforgettable celebration of Czech heritage.  Make sure to watch for us in the parade and swing by our booth and say hello!